Ahmed Sayed | REFL: Resource Efficient Federated Learning | #33
DisseminateMay 26, 2023x
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Ahmed Sayed | REFL: Resource Efficient Federated Learning | #33


Federated Learning (FL) enables distributed training by learners using local data, thereby enhancing privacy and reducing communication. However, it presents numerous challenges relating to the heterogeneity of the data distribution, device capabilities, and participant availability as deployments scale, which can impact both model convergence and bias. Existing FL schemes use random participant selection to improve fairness; however, this can result in inefficient use of resources and lower quality training. In this episode, Ahmed Sayed talks about how he and his colleagues address the question of resource efficiency in FL. He talks about the benefits of intelligent participant selection, and incorporation of updates from straggling participants. Tune in to learn more!


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