Andra Ionescu | Topio: The Geodata Marketplace | #31
DisseminateApril 25, 2023x
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Andra Ionescu | Topio: The Geodata Marketplace | #31


The increasing need for data trading across businesses nowadays has created a demand for data marketplaces. However, despite the intentions of both data providers and consumers, today’s data marketplaces remain mere data catalogs. In this episode, Andra tells us about her vision for marketplaces of the future which require a set of value-added services, such as advanced search and discovery. Also, she tell us about her and her team's effort to engineer and develop an open-source modular data market platform to enable both entrepreneurs and researchers to setup and experiment with data marketplaces. Tune in to learn more about Topio a real-world web platform for trading geospatial data, that is currently in a beta phase.


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