Gina Yuan | In-Network Assistance With Sidekick Protocols | #54
DisseminateJune 10, 2024x
55:2550.74 MB

Gina Yuan | In-Network Assistance With Sidekick Protocols | #54

Join us as we chat with Gina Yuan about her pioneering work on sidekick protocols, designed to enhance the performance of encrypted transport protocols like QUIC and WebRTC. These protocols ensure privacy but limit in-network innovations. Gina explains how sidekick protocols allow intermediaries to assist endpoints without compromising encryption.

Discover how Gina tackles the challenge of referencing opaque packets with her innovative quACK tool and learn about the real-world benefits, including improved Wi-Fi retransmissions, energy-saving proxy acknowledgments, and the PACUBIC congestion-control mechanism. This episode offers a glimpse into the future of network performance and security.


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