Laurens Kuiper | These Rows Are Made For Sorting | #30
DisseminateApril 12, 2023x
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Laurens Kuiper | These Rows Are Made For Sorting | #30


Sorting is one of the most well-studied problems in computer science and a vital operation for relational database systems. Despite this, little research has been published on implementing an efficient relational sorting operator. In this episode, Laurens Kuiper tells us about his work filling this gap! Tune in to hear about a micro-benchmarks that explores how to sort relational data efficiently for analytical database systems, taking into account different query execution engines as well as row and columnar data formats. Laurens also tells us about his implementation of a highly optimized row-based sorting approach in the DuckDB open-source in-process analytical database management system. Check out the epiosde to learn more!


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