Tammy Sukprasert | Move Your Workloads To Sweden! | #53
DisseminateMay 27, 2024x
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Tammy Sukprasert | Move Your Workloads To Sweden! | #53

In this episode, we dip our toes into the world of sustainable computing and interview Tammy Sukprasert about her research on reducing carbon emissions in cloud computing through workload scheduling. Tammy explores the concept of shifting cloud workloads across different times and locations to coincide with low-carbon energy availability. Unlike previous studies that focused on specific regions or workloads, her comprehensive analysis uses carbon intensity data from 123 regions to assess both batch and interactive workloads. She considers various factors such as job duration, deadlines, and service level objectives (SLOs). Tammy's findings reveal that while spatiotemporal workload shifting can reduce carbon emissions, the practical upper bounds of these reductions are limited and far from ideal. Simple scheduling policies often achieve most of the potential reductions, with more complex techniques offering minimal additional benefits.

Additionally, Tammy's research highlights that as the energy grid becomes greener, the benefits of carbon-aware scheduling over carbon-agnostic approaches decrease. This discussion offers crucial insights for the future of cloud computing and sustainable technology. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, environmental advocate, or cloud industry professional, Tammy's work provides valuable perspectives on the intersection of technology and sustainability. Join us to learn more about how innovative scheduling strategies can contribute to a greener cloud computing landscape.


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