Yazhuo Zhang | SIEVE is Simpler than LRU | #52
DisseminateMay 13, 2024x
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Yazhuo Zhang | SIEVE is Simpler than LRU | #52

In this episode, we explore the world of caching with Yazhuo Zhang, who introduces the game-changing SIEVE algorithm. Traditional eviction algorithms have long struggled with a trade-off between efficiency, throughput, and simplicity. However, SIEVE disrupts this balance by offering a simpler alternative to LRU while outperforming state-of-the-art algorithms in both efficiency and scalability for web cache workloads. Implemented in five production cache libraries with minimal code changes, SIEVE's superiority shines through in a comprehensive evaluation across 1559 cache traces. With up to a remarkable 63.2% lower miss ratio than ARC and surpassing nine other algorithms in over 45% of cases, SIEVE's simplicity doesn't compromise on scalability, doubling throughput compared to optimized LRU implementations. Join us as Yazhuo reveals how SIEVE is set to redefine caching efficiency, promising faster and more streamlined data serving in production systems.


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